Zuii Organic – Certified Organic Flora Self Tanning Foam



Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic, 94% organic ingredients. Includes bamboo juice, raw cacao and grape skin extract.



Responsible icon ResponsibleEach ingredient used within a Zuii Organic formula is sourced from local and/or Australian-grown environments and they have recently introduced biodegradable packaging/compostable options; using paper cushioning and paper tape, instead of bubble wrap or tape with orders.


Zuii Organic are a certified cruelty free operation (certified by both PETA and Choose Cruelty Free) and holds strong ties to charities like the Orangutan Project, helping to home and preserve the lives of these beautiful creatures in Borneo, and also more locally the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital who rehome injured animals. 


They are also in the process of ensuring every new product release is a vegan formula, in addition to being certified organic.


What our experts say…

An instant tan! How fun – I like using this product as you can see where it’s going on and although it looks really dark, it washes off to be a natural tan colour. It wasn’t orange on my skin and lasted quite well. I really like that Zuii are moving into vegan products and are switching their products to recycled packaging, that adds value to their products in my eyes.

Lucy E Cousins

I love how dark this tan is! I love all the eco packaging and really admire how this company works closely with the Orangutan Project and uses all sustainable, Australian ingredients.

Rosie Rees


This tan went on really easy with the pump action, didn’t feel greasy or heavy and I felt in control of where I was putting the product. It gave me a subtle, light tan that lasted around 5 days. I loved the small size of the box, it really showed that they had thought about excess shipping materials and shipping costs. The minimal packaging material used was sustainable and I loved the personal handwritten note.

Petria Leggo-Field

This is a great tan which achieves quite a colour change even on first application. I love that it doesn’t have a strong smell and the effect is waterproof. Perfect if you want colour immediately rather than to build up slowly.

Emily Fletcher

I love the control you have over the type of tan you get from this organic tanning foam. After one application I was left with a lovely golden brown tan, and now I have the choice to layer it to become darker. The tan itself is very subtle, and despite putting it on in a rush, I was left with no streaks or dodgy blotches.

Emma Freeman

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