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Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. High quality FDA & LFGB approved food-grade silicone.


Responsible icon ResponsibleWe Might Be Tiny produce their range with 100% EU food-grade silicone – a material which is not only derived from natural ingredients (sand), but also allows consumers to reduce waste by avoiding single-use plastics.   


The company’s manufacturer is ISO9001 compliant and regularly audited by Sedex Global for labour standards, health, safety, environment and business ethics. Product is sent to Australia by the manufacturer via train and sea freight. 


The brand has consciously re-designed packaging from an all-PVC packaging in 2017 to a majority cardboard packaging. We Might Be Tiny donate monthly to the Australian Conversation Foundation and in 2020, contributed towards the Victorian Bushfire Appeals.

What our experts say…

I love the cute little designs and I think it’s clever to incorporate these designs to engage kids into eating by making eating fun. I like that the product is BPA free and can fit a variety of foods onto it. I love the bright colours again making it fun for the kids. Dishwasher friendly is a plus. I would buy this product in future.

Samantha Gilmore

I love the ‘We Might Be Tiny Stick Plate’ design – the colours are muted and not overbearing. The segmented plate is perfect for a varied, larger meal. The suction plate is strong, and perfect for a young toddler or baby-led weaned infant.

Shannon Renee Rafaelli 

The design is just adorable. I love the colour. The thickness and feel of the silicone and being oversized sucker works brilliantly. My kids also really enjoy meals served compartmentalised like that, so we love it.

Alena Turley

Made of extremely high quality and sturdy silicone, this plate has a weight to it that I haven’t struck in other silicone children’s plates. This means that is less likely to be knocked off the table – combined with a suction pad underneath, I’m assured dinner isn’t going to be swept away before it is started – Phew! Delightfully cute and visually appealing, it provides three distinct compartments for picky eaters which makes it a win for my 2-year-old son.

Emily Fletcher

I love the cute yet simple design of this silicone plate. Both my kids (2 and 4) love eating from “the bear”! The three areas are perfectly sized for main meal-sized portions and it really does stick to the table. It’s also really easy to wash.

Emma Freeman

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