We Might Be Tiny – Frostie Icy Pole Moulds




Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. High quality FDA & LFGB approved food-grade silicone.


Responsible icon ResponsibleWe Might Be Tiny produce their range with 100% EU food-grade silicone – a material which is not only derived from natural ingredients (sand) but also allows consumers to reduce waste by avoiding single-use plastics.   


The company’s manufacturer is ISO9001 compliant and regularly audited by Sedex Global for labour standards, health, safety, environment and business ethics. Product is sent to Australia by the manufacturer via train and sea freight. 


The brand has consciously re-designed packaging from an all-PVC packaging in 2017 to a majority cardboard packaging. We Might Be Tiny donate monthly to the Australian Conversation Foundation and in 2020, contributed towards the Victorian Bushfire Appeals.

What our experts say…

My daughter was super excited for the frostie moulds. We had to make ice blocks straight away! I love the cute and simple designs, dishwasher safe and BPA free. I LOVE that the sticks are reusable and that there are spares. We always need spares! I love that the lid is easy to put on and stops any spillage. These are the BEST!

Samantha Gilmore

The We Might Be Tiny Frostie Icy Pole Moulds have a minimal and attractive design. My daughter loved selecting which animal ice cream to eat, perfect for when she was unwell and needed extra nutrients. The entire tray is relatively thin and doesn’t take much space in our smaller freezer.

Shannon Renee Rafaelli 

Colour, design, usability and appeal to our young kids were all excellent for this product. These are things we can use, love to use, and will continue to reduce our need to consume and that’s a great thing.

Alena Turley

So thoughtfully designed, this is by far the easiest to use and best quality icy pole mould I have ever come across — and with children with food allergies, homemade icy poles are a regular in our house! I love that it can be kept flat which means you don’t have to have too much room in the freezer. The lid also seals well so it’s not messy to make and the moulds themselves are so cute! Highly recommended.

Emily Fletcher

These are such a delight: a cute and ergonomic design. The kids love making them: the moulds are easy to pour juice, puree or yoghurt into while the sticks are easy to insert. We love the colour of the silicone too (buttercup yellow). Best of all, we love the super cute designs of the pops: cat, bunny and bear.

Emma Freeman

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