Tribe Skincare – Protect Me! Day Moisturiser with SPF30




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes zinc oxide, rosehip and safflower seed oils with cucumber and green tea left extracts.


Responsible icon ResponsibleTribe Skincare promote a message of self-acceptance, encouraging women to feel confident in their skin and strive for ‘healthy skin’ rather than ‘perfect skin’. All products are created with three core values in mind: Australian-made and owned, all-natural (no fillers, harsh chemicals or parabens) and vegan friendly / cruelty-free. 


The brand is making efforts to increase the volume of their skincare range to reduce packaging waste, are switching to biodegradable postage satchels and all their products are made with recyclable plastic. They also offer product refills where possible and discount incentives to customers who purchase multiple products at once to reduce transportation pollution. 


Tribe Skincare have raised and donated over $30,000 for Australian charities such as Red Cross Australia, Bushfire Relief Fund, NSW Rural Fire Service, Wires Wildlife and Sleepbus Melbourne through their social media platform.

What our experts say…

I like the ease of application, and the fact it rubs in smoothly unlike some other SPF products.

Kate Hall

Loved the light easy-to-spread texture, (minimal ghosting from the zinc oxide). The scent is also inoffensive. I was also impressed by the social media campaigns in building self confidence and The Sleepbus initiative is amazing.

Sigourney Cantelo

This is rich oil is so good to apply after everything else at night. Deeply nourishing, comforting and so incredibly pure.  Not greasy at all which I find some rosehip oils to be. I love the plant to bottle process. Using single plant ingredients, knowing every step from the growing to the bottling, plus testing each bottle.

Carla King-Turner

This goes on as a true moisturiser in a pump bottle – easily spreadable, not sticky and no ghosting. It absorbs well, leaving my skin moisturised and soft, but not shiny. As someone with combination skin whose skin can break out with the wrong products, I can happily say that this won’t break your skin out and you can put it on daily with confidence. I put sun protection under my makeup most days and this beauty has become my go-to. Highly recommended.

Emily Fletcher

I find most SPF face moisturisers both dry out my skin and turn me into a ghost, but this one doesn’t. It’s really lightweight, absorbs quickly and is easy to apply. Offering sun protection for 2 hours, it’s small enough to carry in your bag for regular re-application. If, like me, you love to combine skincare and sun protection in one, it’s a must for the harsh Australian summer.

Emma Freeman

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