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Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes organic hemp seed oil as well as rosehip, sandalwood and cedarwood oils.


Responsible icon ResponsibleThe Bearded Chap’s products are made from 100% natural and toxic-free ingredients, sourced through local, sustainable Australian manufacturers, and are cruelty-free. They utilise recycled materials in as many of their bottles and containers as possible, as well as biodegradable corn starch fillers for packaging and mailers.  


The Bearded Chap recycle water as part of their manufacturing process and even use electrical forklifts in their East Brisbane warehouse. As part of their Green Beard program, customers are encouraged to send back certain used products to receive new free ones. 


During the most recent bushfire crisis, the company created a limited run (500 bottles) of a very special Fire Relief Beard Oil, featuring a smokey bushfire scent. Every cent of the $100 sale price was donated to the Australian Red Cross Bushfire Relief Fund.

What our experts say…

This is a brand / product designed and dedicated to any male that truly cares for the health of their beard. I liked the refreshing scent, its efficient usability and competence in conditioning a beard.

Mikey Ayoubi

I’ve never tried beard oil before and I really liked that this product absorbed super quickly and didn’t make my facial hair any more oily or greasy! Doesn’t need any improvement in my eyes.

Jacob Stella

As a former barber, I’ve certainly recommended this one to my clients before. I really enjoy the fact that one 30ml bottle can essentially last you an entire year. Scent-wise, this one is absolutely fantastic and really does the job, particularly with dense and unruly facial hair. I wasn’t previously aware that the product is sourced entirely from Australian manufacturers, so I was extremely impressed by that. The Green Beard program is also a fantastic initiative that really emphasises the brand’s commitment to social responsibility and the Fire Relief Beard Oil was a terrific idea that really hit home for me.

 Nick Hall

I gave this to my best friend to review and he’s been so impressed with how soft his beard has become and how the itching he was experiencing has disappeared. I like that the oils won’t block pores and how they not only look after the hair but nourish the skin beneath. It also smells amazing!

Emily Fletcher

My husband, who has a beard, is a huge fan of this product, “It makes my beard look fuller and healthier,” he says. He also loves its arthy scent and the convenience of the travel-sized bottle. 

Emma Freeman

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