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Responsible icon ResponsibleThe Australian Soap Kitchen’s focus is to use only the finest and purest ingredients, and simply produce natural, organic, vegan, palm oil-free, earth-conscious, skin-loving and nourishing soap. Inspired by Australian flora, their range uses Australian sourced and made ingredients from Australian producers where possible. 


The Australian Soap Kitchen employ a traditional cold-pressed method to make their soaps, in order to retain the goodness in all their ingredients as much as possible. Products are also made in small batches and are hand mixed, poured and cut. Their soaps are then packaged in recycled paper, paper utilising Responsible Forestry Practices Fibre, cardboard mail boxes and compostable mailers.


What our experts say…

This was my first time using a macadamia soap and I loved it. Looks amazing in its presentation and worked beautifully on our hands. Love that its fragrance-free and the creaminess of it.

Corrine Sultana

I love the fact I’m using something from NSW’s own north-yard. A unique selling point and something to be proud of. It’s also really gentle on my skin and has a hand-made feel to it which makes the product special.

Ria Andrini


This is a really beautiful, moisturising and hydrating soap which worked into a gentle and soft lather to thoroughly cleanse my hands. As I worked it between my hands I could literally see and feel the nourishing oils working their magic without leaving any oily residue or drying out my skin. I also loved their very minimal and eco-conscious packaging.

 Marisa Robinson

It was such a relief to use this unscented and seriously moisturising soap as my skin was getting so dry from all the increased handwashing nowadays. This gorgeous 1 ingredient soap leaves a light layer of residual macadamia oil on my skin for increased moisturising and protection. I love that the ingredients are Australian and how minimal the packaging is.

Emily Fletcher

I love how moisturising this beautiful hand soap is! I especially love that despite being made with cold-pressed macadamia oil, the oil doesn’t separate from the soap over time. A wonderful option for those who suffer from sensitive skin. A beautiful hand wash that is also zero waste!

Emma Freeman

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