The Australian Olive Oil Soap – Ballerina Hair Balm




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Contains organic jojoba oil and avocado, camellia and rosemary oils.


Responsible icon ResponsibleThe Australian Olive Oil Soap believes that use of natural ingredients, minimal packaging and handcrafting products makes for a better environment for the future. The company relies on traditional methods of production, creating less waste to ultimately send back to the ocean or landfill. All packaging is minimal and recyclable/reusable.

What our experts say…

My daughter has wild curly hair and this worked wonders for her. The best thing is that I was not worried about what I was putting on her hair as it is free from the nasties you would typically find in a hair spray. Beautifully naturally scented, her hair looked sleek for most of the day. Came beautifully packaged with a flyer about their small family business which I loved. I love that the products are handmade and natural. Plus the packaging is all recyclable/reusable.

Samantha Gilmore

The Australian Olive Oil Soap Ballerina Hair Balm is honestly my favourite product I have received. The balm replaces hairspray and gel, allowing you to style your child’s hair.  I often end up using it in my hair to keep down those mum-baby-hairs too. The balm is soft with a slight pleasant scent and doesn’t build up in the hair after a few days of use, unlike hairspray.

Shannon Renee Rafaelli 

This is an actual game changer for me. I will be using it every day and re-purchasing after it runs out. For some time now I’ve been searching for a natural product to tame my daughter’s fine hair for school, even attempting DIY, and this is the first thing I’ve found. Plus, it smells great. I’ll admit I’ve been using it too. The branding is a lovely touch too.

Alena Turley

My daughter has wild corkscrew curls that want to pop out of every ponytail and bun. This beautiful balm has made containing it a breeze and makes things so much more manageable as I no longer have to desperately try to get every strand of hair tied back and just a little rub of this on my hands and smoothing the tiniest bit on her hair solves the problem! I love that the ingredients are all beautiful organic oils designed to promote healthy hair.

Emily Fletcher

Such a great idea – I don’t have any ballerinas in my family but we do have plenty of long hair. My son’s hair is so long it needs to be tied up for school and I find applying a small amount of this balm keeps the hair tucked away and out of his eyes. For me, I love applying it to stop flyaways when my hair is tied up in a bun or ponytail.

Emma Freeman

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