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Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. 100% Australian Certified Organic



Responsible icon ResponsibleSynthesis Organics’ vision is to promote conscious beauty. Their products are non-toxic, certified organic, vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable and environmentally friendly. They purchase from local producers whenever possible and from community-driven (and often indigenous) agricultural co-ops and initiatives.


The company is committed to closing the loop with a full recycling program and the use of high-quality packaging materials made from post-consumer recycled PET, glass, or bio-resin bottles sourced from Carbon Neutral Fair Trade Factories. 


From the outset Synthesis Organics have supported their community through partnerships with Jane Goodall Foundation, Rainforest Rescue, Miriam Rose Foundation, Sentient World Entertainment, Friends with Dignity and more. 


What our experts say…

This is a woody smelling hand sanitiser full of lovely organic ingredients, which was great to use on hands and surfaces when out and about. The extra addition of WHO guidelines on how to use the label is also a great idea. 

Corrine Sultana

I really like the size of this product’s bottle – very easy to carry around on you. The smell is nice and the packaging is sweet and simple. I love that it is an organic hand sanitiser and that it is moisturising. I also love how aware and environmentally conscious this brand is! 

 Stephanie Kurlow

This beautiful hand sanitiser provides calm and sanctuary in the storm. Not only does it have 100% Australian certified organic ingredients, with 70% pure sugarcane-derived ethanol for protection, but its use is also a beautiful self care aromatherapy experience. It contains a powerful collection of organic essential oils chosen thoughtfully for both their anti-viral and anti-bacterial activity, but also for their mood boosting, anxiety reducing, respiratory decongesting and uplifting attributes. Combined with skin hydrating aloe vera and vegetable glycerine, this hand sanitiser far transcends a hand cleaning experience and adds self care, deep breaths and calm.

Emily Fletcher

This hand sanitiser contains a lovely mix of nourishing essential oils to counteract the key ingredient of sugarcane-derived ethanol. Upon continuous use I didn’t experience any dryness at all. The bottle is a good size for popping in my handbag or backpack.

Emma Freeman

This is a traditional alcohol and aloe vera hand sanitiser without the nasties and the needless plastic waste that comes with similar-sized hand sanitiser containers one gets from the supermarket.

 Ria Andrini

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