Swag Australia – winner of the Social Responsibility Award (Zero Waste)


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Swag Australia is all about giving back. From giving customers back those extra days or weeks fresh produce can last (such as with their Gold award-winning product, The Swag), to acting consciously and thoughtfully and making a difference to the place we live, and the earth as a whole. 


Swag’s products are handmade with love out of India and proudly built to last years. Their female-owned and managed manufacturer is ethical and fair trade compliant using SEDEX International monitoring. The company donated 100% of its profits in the past financial year to Destiny Rescue, freeing children trapped in human trafficking.

Their mission is to “Inspire people around the world to live waste and plastic-free through their innovative range of product. We make profit to leave a legacy of a world where human trafficking no longer exists.”

What our experts say…

We have selected Swag Australia as the recipient of this year’s Award in the Zero Waste category not just because they create beautiful products that are safe, ethical and sustainable, but because of their outstanding efforts to give back to society and create change. Swag Australia is a leader in their field and they deserve to be recognised and celebrated!

—  Emma Freeman & Emily Fletcher


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