Squeakie – Sandalwood, Copaiba & Tangerine Hand Sanitiser 250ml




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients.



Responsible icon ResponsibleSqueakie believe it’s essential that your hand sanitiser not only kills 99.99% of germs fast but that it is free from denaturants, preservatives, fragrances, unwanted synthetic chemicals and chemicals that cause free radicals. They have proudly sourced the most natural and sustainable alcohol in the world and combined this with an all-natural healing skincare serum containing six certified organic ingredients. 


For packaging they have chosen 100% sugar cane plastic because it’s 100% recyclable and is a renewable resource with a more favourable carbon footprint. They encourage Squeakie users to put their 250ml bottles in the recycling bin and keep their 50ml bottle for life. 


10% of Squeakie profits go to causes that need a helping hand.



What our experts say…

Squeakie has been producing great natural hand sanitisers for many years. Their formula is gel-based instead of spray. It feels like it is cleaning, sanitising and moisturising at the same time, as your hands feel soft afterwards. This is a woody smelling version and a great size for the office or home. 

Corrine Sultana

I love how this product feels and smells on my skin. The alcohol smell isn’t too strong, which is perfect for frequent use and doesn’t dry out my skin. The packaging is so sweet and I love the pump too.

 Stephanie Kurlow

With a great ingredients list with many organic ingredients, a 100% recyclable sugar cane derived bottle and large refill bottles available, I’m in love with this incredible hand sanitiser. I was surprised when I first used it as it felt like so much gel came onto my hands with a single pump, however this is actually the amount we all should be using – enough to cover all the surfaces on our hands and for it to take around 20 seconds to dry. The truth is that we often apply too little hand sanitiser in our rushing, expecting it to dry immediately – and now more than ever, it is important to be vigilant. This is one of the only hand sanitisers my children will willingly use – and the only one they actively ask for!

Emily Fletcher

This sanitiser is different from the rest: it contains milk whey alcohol (not ethanol), is a serum (not a spray,) and comes in a sugar cane derived recyclable bottle. It actually feels quite moisturising upon use (thanks to the sea kelp, rosehip and aloe vera). I love that the idea is to use this bigger bottle to pour into the smaller bottle to use over and over again.

Emma Freeman

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