Squeakie – Original Lime & Palmarosa Hand Sanitiser 50ml




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. 



Responsible icon ResponsibleSqueakie believe it’s essential that your hand sanitiser not only kills 99.99% of germs fast but that it is free from denaturants, preservatives, fragrances, unwanted synthetic chemicals and chemicals that cause free radicals. They have proudly sourced the most natural and sustainable alcohol in the world and combined this with an all-natural healing skincare serum containing six certified organic ingredients. 


For packaging they have chosen 100% sugar cane plastic because it’s 100% recyclable and is a renewable resource with a more favourable carbon footprint. They encourage Squeakie users to put their 250ml bottles in the recycling bin and keep their 50ml bottle for life. 


10% of Squeakie profits go to causes that need a helping hand. 



What our experts say…

This is a great hand sanitiser in a great pocket size. The kids love using it. It’s in a gel form, has a lovely lime smell and makes your hands feel clean, clear and soft after using. I love Squeakie’s focus on care for people – not just effective hand sanitisers, but caring for the skin as well. They are environmentally focused and a feel good business.

Corrine Sultana

I really love the pump and beautiful design of this hand sanitiser! The product feels so smooth and not sticky against my skin and it also has a really nice smell that isn’t too strong. Very easy to carry around in my handbag and is a perfect essential during these times.

 Stephanie Kurlow

Squeakie is like no hand sanitiser I have tried before. Describing itself as a serum, as well as containing the necessary WHO guideline amount of alcohol, it also contains aloe vera and rosehip oil amongst other skin nourishing ingredients, balancing out the drying effect of the alcohol and instead leaving your hands soft and protected. This is an absolute game changer for anyone who has dry skin, eczema or works in a job where regular hand sanitising is required.

Emily Fletcher

I’m a big citrus fan, so this is really right up my alley. I also love the fact that the size is great for travelling and that the lid doesn’t pop off when being carried around, causing the pump to be triggered and making an alcohol-saturated mess in my bag. The alcohol is quite gentle on my very dry, flaky hands which is 100% better than a lot of products that can be found in the supermarket.

Ria Andrini

This sanitiser is different from the rest: it contains milk whey alcohol (not ethanol), is a serum (not a spray,) and comes in a sugar cane derived recyclable bottle. It actually feels quite moisturising upon use (thanks to the sea kelp, rosehip and aloe vera) and I love the scent of lime and palmarosa. A total game changer!

Emma Freeman

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