Wean Meister – Bear Paw Teether




Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. LFGB Certified Food Grade silicone.


Responsible icon ResponsibleWean Meister is an Australian business run by a mum of four, who chooses to create products using the more stringently tested LFGB-certified Silicone over FDA-certified Silicone. All products are durable and made to last more than one child. The company also donates to the ‘Save The Children’ charity.

What our experts say…

I love that this bear paw teether is so easy to hold and there are 3 different texture parts to chew on. The colour is gorgeous and the quality seems great. The tip to squeeze silicone to see if a white line appears is great, as I had no idea this is how you could tell the quality of silicone and whether fillers/additives have been used. I will be using this trick from now on!

Amanda Callen

My bub loves the different textures of the ‘paws’, the malleability of the toy and can hold it easily. This was a favourite of hers.

Sarah Berry

Easy for a baby to grip and hold, this teether offers a variety of textures and sensory experiences for a baby to see and feel. I love how easy to clean this is and that I know it’s made from non-toxic high-grade silicone.

Emily Fletcher

This teether has a host of grooves, bumps and ridges to help soothe my 2-year-old’s sore gums. It’s super ergonomic: easy to hold and manoeuvre around the mouth. He loves how bendy the silicone is, too. Really cute bear paw design.

Emma Freeman

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