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Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients in a silicone protected glass bottle.



Responsible icon ResponsibleResparkle powder-to-clean innovation was born with the idea to make personal care more sustainable with less. They drastically reduce unnecessary waste by keeping just the essential ingredients, packaging their home & personal care range in reusable glass bottles and their refills in home compostable, plastic-free sachets made from corn. 


Resparkle outsources their production to social enterprise Brunswick Industries, who provides meaningful employment to people with disabilities within a supported environment. 

What our experts say…

This is such a clever concept! Transporting water all around the globe is one of my pet hates (it takes a lot of energy to move water. Concentrated products like this where water can be simply added at the destination saves so much packaging, transport and emissions. It’s easy to use, simply empty the sachet into a bottle, add water then compost the sachet! Great citrus lavender fragrance.

Lindsay Miles

I can’t work out which I love more – how much plastic I save from landfill, emissions I save from lightweight postage or the fact that I can have bottles worth of hand wash ready to use in my kitchen cupboard and it doesn’t take up any space at all! A genius idea which is also perfectly executed with a gorgeous looking pump bottle to keep refilling.

Emily Fletcher

Finally – a zero-waste pump hand wash! My two small boys prefer to wash their hands using hand pumps over bars of soap, which bothers me. This wonderful invention is so simple: a refillable glass bottle with a silicone outer for protection (great for clumsy little hands) and a biodegradable sachet of non-toxic foaming hand wash to make up the hand wash (foaming: also a hit with the boys). What I like most is that after one week’s use, the level has barely dropped, meaning it will last a long while yet. This could be a total game changer for restaurants, cafes, galleries etc!

Emma Freeman

Non-toxic, all safe ingredients, great hand wash, saves on so much packaging, space and resources in transport. It’s Australian made by people with disabilities. 🙂 Really innovative product that has the potential to turn body products industry on its head… in a good way!

Laura Trotta

A beautiful bottle that looks incredibly aesthetically pleasing on my kitchen bench.

Kate Hall

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