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Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. An organic castor, coconut, jojoba oil and cocoa butter base with calendula and chamomile extracts.


Responsible icon ResponsibleFrankly Eco uses only natural, plant-based and cruelty-free ingredients that are ethically-sourced and sustainable. All products are vegan, meaning they do not involve the use of animal products, by-products or derivatives, nor do they test on animals. Due to this, they contribute to reducing greenhouse gases, water conservation, purified air, cleaner soil and reduced energy consumption. 


Frankly Eco have designed their range with products that are multi-purpose and encourage customers to recycle and reuse containers to reduce their environmental impact. Their parcel packaging is all made from biodegradable recycled cardboard and paper and is reusable and recyclable.

What our experts say…

Cute packaging and handy, handbag-sized tube, why stop at nipples? The quality ingredients and texture make this ointment good for any sore or rough body part. A big difference for nipples with a small eco-footprint and organic ingredients; I like it.

Sarah Berry

After using this lovely nourishing ointment for a few days, I noticed the tender skin felt more protected and soothed. I love the fact it has no scent, is thick, clear and most importantly, deeply moisturising. I feel really confident that all the ingredients are completely natural and even safe to leave on when nursing.

— Teodora Tinc

An excellent nipple ointment that is easy to apply and helps damaged nipples. It’s a rich and soothing product that truly heals – an absolute must-have for breastfeeding mums. I love using this multi-tasking ointment, I also apply it on dry areas of my body, it works wonders.

Shahrzad Kahrobai

I like to review nipple ointment both on my nipple and also on my lips – because that’s where bub will be experiencing it from. This is a rich, thick ointment which truly forms a protective barrier on the skin and reduces friction from a bub feeding. On bub’s side, this is a really beautiful nourishing lip balm and is unscented and tasteless, which I love. Once you don’t need it for your breasts definitely keep using it as a lip balm – for yourself and the children! It’s so nourishing for winter chapped lips. Highly recommended.

Emily Fletcher

I had no idea how sore and cracked my nipples were from breastfeeding until I started using this ointment. It’s lovely and thick and nourishing and I could tell it helped heal cracks after just one application. I really love that its ingredients are so natural that I can use it in between breastfeeds and not worry about washing it off.

Emma Freeman

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