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Safe icon SafeMade from excellent, non-toxic materials. Chlorine-free, non-GMO corn starch-based leg guards, compostable bio film waterproof layer, 100% viscose outer, no non-compostable plastic, no waistband elastic. FSC certified wood pulp.


Responsible icon ResponsibleEenee have spent over 25 years creating a truly sustainable system where their plastic-free compostable pads are suitable for recycling through commercial composting and their wraps or pants are re-used. Eenee Compostables are the only nappy to have been endorsed by Compost Australia as suitable for commercial composting. 


Wet Eenee Compostables can be home composted, however, soiled pads should be commercially composted to ensure pasteurisation. Following the devastating bushfires in Australia, Eenee donate 10% of sales of their new Koala print to the Australian Koala Foundation. 

What our experts say…

These are a great option for parents who want the convenience of disposable nappies but not the waste. The wraps and pants are also super-cute and these nappies are as effective as any.

— Sarah Berry

We really loved trialling the Eenee nappies and playing around with the pull-up pants and nappy wraps. It was just as easy to use as any other nappy with the peace of mind that they are fully compostable and plastic-free! Our boy has always been bigger than most babies so the bigger sized pad works perfectly for us, too.

— Teodora Tinc

These nappies are a great hybrid of cloth and disposable. To be honest, I was a little dubious at first, but after a few days of use, I was really impressed and can’t believe I hadn’t heard of them sooner!

— Amanda Callen

These nappy pants are a great fit on my 2.5 yr old son and look like a cloth nappy, except with so much less washing and drying time! I really love that the nappy pads are made with certified sustainable wood pulp and that using them results in much less plastic going to landfill and that they are fully biodegradable. Unfortunately, where I live in Sydney, we have no commercial composting facilities available. However, if I lived in Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, northern NSW or elsewhere which does have these facilities available, I would definitely be using Eenee nappies, at least for daytime use.

Emily Fletcher

I was lucky enough to be introduced to these amazing, groundbreaking nappies via the Awards last year, and I’m really enjoying trialling them again this year (especially now that my 1-year-old has grown into a 2-year-old). Once again, I love that they’re a cloth and disposable nappy in-one and that the insert is completely compostable. Both the pull-up pants and overnight nappy (the two outers I’ve been sent) fit snugly and it’s easy to place the insert inside. No leaks. The pull-up pants are great for assisting toilet training, while the overnight pants are 100% waterproof and prevent night leaks.

— Emma Freeman

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