Derivan – Health e-Clean pH Neutral All Purpose Cleaner




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients.



Responsible icon ResponsibleDerivan has implemented a number of recycling programs and environmentally friendly practices within the company. Their containers are made to be reusable and they recycle all packaging that makes up their raw material supply chain. 


Derivan’s production facility has several environmentally-friendly features, including; 120 solar roof panels, air vents, worm farm and compost heap for staff kitchen waste, energy efficient light bulbs and motion sensor lights, and more. 


The company has reduced their water intake by more than 40% over the past ten years by improving cleaning practices, recycling primary cleaning water and developing in-house initiatives such as alternative lubricants for machines.

What our experts say…

It was great to see the use of a recycled box and shredded paper when opening up this package. It was also interesting to see how the actual product is used and the labelling system. This one container is going to last our family forever!

Petria Leggo-Field

I love the multi-purpose use of this cleaner and that you can dilute it to suit your purposes. I used it to mop the floors and it left them sparkling clean. I also love all the steps that have been taken by the company to be more sustainable in their manufacturing process.

Fiona Morouco

This cleaner is clever in that it can be diluted at different strengths to do a variety of tasks. The dilution guide is on the label, which makes it so much easier to use. I thought I’d try the degreaser dilution and was thrilled with how it cleaned my rangehood – the best it’s looked since new. Excited to tackle the oven next and then the floor! It comes with a silicone band you can put on the outside of your post mixed bottle so you remember what’s in it, which is really clever. Great product!

Corrine Sultana

Wow! This super concentrated 500ml bottle can make 16 bottles of multi-purpose spray or 8 bottles of a stronger degreaser or 63 bottles of floor cleaner! I’ve used this in all these applications and it is super effective and takes out a lot of the elbow grease I often find I have to expend with natural products. I love that it comes with a silicone band to put around the bottle which you have made the solution in so you know what it is. Highly recommended.

Emily Fletcher

This is one of those products that really makes you rethink the way you consume, consume, consume. The concentrate makes up a staggering 16 bottles of multi-purpose spray or 8 bottles of degreaser. Easier on your wallet, better for the planet. I made up a bottle using an old water spray: it was beyond easy to do, a three second job. A silicone ring is supplied so you can easily identify the spray. The kitchen cleaner cuts through grease and leaves surfaces sparkling. The concentrate itself has a citrusy scent.

Emma Freeman

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