Cherub Baby – Glass Baby Bottle with Shock Absorb Silicone Sleeve




Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. Borosilicate glass bottle with silicone teat, sleeve, and travel seal. Polypropylene collar and cap.


Responsible icon ResponsibleCherub Baby offset carbon emissions produced by their utilities via Greenfleet, a not-for-profit initiative that plants native biodiverse forests to help fight the impacts of climate change. The company distributes their products to consumers using compostable packaging satchels and recycled cardboard boxes.

What our experts say…

It’s so great that there is a glass baby bottle option and the temperature changing silicone sleeve is a very smart idea. I also love that the top can be converted to a straw or sippy cup so you can just use the same bottle for a long time.

Amanda Callen

Not only did I love this product, but so did Baby J and my husband. My hubby is very picky about design and usability when it comes to most products and he was incredibly impressed at the quality of the glass bottle, as well as its accompanying silicone sleeve. Baby J loved the nipple on this bottle and it has become her favourite bottle for feed time.

Samantha Christian

This bottle is genius. It gives me everything I could have asked for: safe, practical, sustainable – and so much more I didn’t know I wanted. It features a silicone sleeve that tells you if the milk is too hot, the ability to convert to a sippy cup and then a keep jar, and they make a sleeve that heats up the bottles too! I was so in love with this product from day one, that I jumped online and ordered another few.

Melissa Mai

I love glass for baby bottles and yet at the same time, they used to terrify me until Cherub Baby got it all sorted out. Not only do they use tempered thermo shock-resistant glass making it able to withstand going from one temperature extreme to the other, but it also has a patented shock absorbing silicone sleeve which is so effective the company are willing to put a warranty on the glass bottle breaking for 12 months! I also love that this can be converted to a sippy cup as your child grows. Such a clever bottle.

Emily Fletcher

This bottle has played a vital role in (nearly) weaning my 2-year-old. What we love most is the silicone sleeve that protects the glass bottle. It’s really easy to remove and clean, and I love that it means my toddler can drink from a glass bottle without the risk of him dropping it and potentially smashing/breaking it. The teat flow is perfect and also easy to clean. I love that the bottle grows with the child and can evolve to both a sippy cup and storage bottle.

Emma Freeman

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