Agreena – 3 in 1 Wraps




Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% platinum food grade silicone.



Responsible icon ResponsibleAgreena 3in1 Wraps are a recyclable silicone product, ethically manufactured by a family-owned company in China that has passed independent audits of safe working conditions. Agreena’s silicone is regularly and independently tested by SGS laboratories and exceeds FDA standards for food safety with passes in European and Californian standards. 


Agreena have also ensured that all packaging components are easily reusable, suitable for repurposing, recyclable and biodegradable. Packaging for distribution is also home compostable and made from renewable resources. 


The company is in the process of acquiring their BCorp accreditation and is committed to responsible manufacturing processes at every step of the way.

What our experts say…

Cling wrap has been such a hard one in our house to replace as my husband wants something which looks exactly like it to replace it. Agreena has much to my delight succeeded in completely kicking cling wrap to the curve. This is a product which gets easier the more you use it. Agreena is also so much better – stronger, higher quality, available in more sizes and ‘stickier’ than the other similar versions I have tried. Highly recommended.

Emily Fletcher

A fantastic alternative to cling wrap: I love how easy it is to wrap up food items such as fruit (works well with half a mango or a tomato) or as a cover on bowls or cups. Also handy for wrapping up sandwiches for a picnic.

Emma Freeman

I like how these versatile sheets can be used as baking paper, plastic wrap and aluminium foil— genius! Especially foil as I haven’t seen a greener alternative that isn’t foil. Agreena doesn’t just save on waste, it saves on clutter in your kitchen drawers.

Laura Trotta

I like that these silicone sheets are suitable for use in the oven, up to 220°C, making them suitable for baking as well as replacing plastic food wrap. The company has also set up a ‘return to recycle’ scheme for damaged or unwanted sheets so that they can be properly recycled rather than thrown away as silicone recycling is not widely available.

 Lindsay Miles

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