Loving Earth – 72% Dark Chocolate




Safe icon SafeMade from 100% excellent certified organic, direct trade ingredients. Contains only two ingredients – raw regeneratively grown cacao and evaporated coconut nectar.



Responsible icon ResponsibleStaying true to the brand’s mantra of ‘Healthy Sustainable Fair’, Loving Earth supports and sources from indigenous communities around the world. They buy their cacao from the Kemito Ene cooperative in the Peruvian Amazon at above fair trade prices for the entire harvest, helping to support the Asháninka community and increase its cacao harvest from 10 tonnes in 2015 to 95 tonnes in 2019. This cacao is regeneratively grown in a way that protects the forest.


Loving Earth also supports the Twin Lakes Cultural Park in the Kimberly through the sale of native Australian, wild-harvested teas and superfoods.

What our experts say…

Love the strong dark chocolate flavour and how smooth it is. Not overpowering and it leaves a nice and nutty aftertaste. I appreciate the brand’s effort in supporting Indigenous communities and paying fair prices for their raw resources. It’s the standard of business that we should see across industries.

Larissa Tedesco

I love that this chocolate has just two ingredients; cacao beans and coconut nectar. Made with unroasted cacao beans, it feels like chocolate on the wild, earthy side with complex flavours whilst still remaining smooth and rich.

Emily Fletcher

It can be difficult to find a good, ethical, bean-to-bar dark chocolate bar (the chocolate industry is SO shocking) and Loving Earth have really nailed it. I love that they’ve combined just two ingredients: cacao regeneratively grown by a small indigenous community in the Amazonian forest and coconut sugar from Indonesia. Tastes amazing and gives a wonderful afternoon pick-me-up thanks to the cacao.

Emma Freeman

I like my chocolate dark and free from weird and unidentifiable ingredients, so this is a win. I love the story behind the product, and the fact the cacao can be traced to a particular community / co-operative in Peru. Plus I like that the packaging is home compostable (and the cardboard part is 97% recycled). It feels like a lot of thought has gone into creating this product. 

Jade Woodd

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