Shapes in the Sand – winner of the Social Responsibility Award (Fashion)


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What we love about Shapes in the Sand is that each swimwear collection supports a different charity or initiative, raising awareness and funds for various local and global causes. 


This season, as part of the Blossom collection (a winner in this year’s Awards), Shapes in the Sand has partnered with Aussie Ark and the Koala Ark Project: the world’s first and largest wild Koala sanctuary. A generous percentage of each sale goes to this initiative. Other partnerships include WIRES Wildlife Rescue, Tangaroa Blue Foundation, Project Hiu and the Powerful Owl Project. 


Alexandra Dash, Founder, says “Working with wildlife and environmental conservation organisations is an integral part of who we are as a conscious label. Looking after our natural world is engrained in our ethics and values, it’s the driving force behind Shapes in the Sand and we are proud to say we’re working on some amazing projects and seen great progress.”


The brand also donates 1% of all sales to Healthy Seas, who collect large ghost nets from the sea and process them back into the production cycle by turning them into fibres.


Shapes in the Sand uses fabrics that are recycled, plant-based and/or supportive of a circular economy. Fabrics are printed locally using a sublimation printing method that doesn’t require water or harsh chemicals, leftover fabric remnants are turned into accessories and bags and all orders are packaged plastic-free.


Australian-owned and made, Shapes in the Sand work closely with a small family-owned stretch wear maker in Sydney to ensure high-quality garments are produced and minimal waste is made during the cutting of fabrics.

They have developed a water-soluble hygiene liner that is made from wood pulp and non-toxic inks, made to be replaced after each use and helping support a plastic-free environment.


Shapes in the Sand packages orders using 100% recycled and sustainably sourced materials. Their swing tags are made from 100% recycled card using non-toxic inks for printing. Their logo and care labels are made from regenerated fibres similar to ECONYL® derived from recovered materials. 


What our experts say…

We have selected Shapes in the Sand as the recipient of this year’s Award in the Fashion category not just because they create beautiful products that are safe, ethical and sustainable, but because of their outstanding efforts to give back to society and create change. Shapes in the Sand is a leader in their field and they deserve to be recognised and celebrated!

—  Emma Freeman & Emily Fletcher


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