Serene Body Health – Amplify Perfume Oil




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Essential oils including sandalwood, cedarwood, rose and cinnamon in an organic jojoba oil base.



Responsible icon ResponsibleSerene Body Health perfume oils are handmade in small batches. All packaging is produced in Victoria with the exception of glass bottles, and the business is looking into compostable postage bags as they transition into being more of an online platform.




What our experts say…

This is a mature fragrance that is full-bodied, yet subtle. An easy roll-on application and handle travel-sized glass packaging.

Lucy E Cousins

This is a lovely natural scent that allows the beauty of the natural ingredients to shine through. There is a raw quality to the notes in the scent that make wearing it a pleasure. And again the design is beautiful and considered. What a great local success story! I’m a fan of the idea of taking aromatherapy out of single note territory, and exploring the myriad benefits of clever blends.

Amy Starr

I really like to choose my perfume by what I’m hoping to bring into the day and love Serene’s aromatherapy blends for setting those intentions. Amplify has a really warm scent with cinnamon and woody notes and I find it really grounding and balancing. In this crazy world, I’m reaching for it a lot!

Emily Fletcher

I wouldn’t normally pick a scent such as this, but three days of use, I’m starting to love it! While intense and fiery upon application (as the name suggests!) the scent later reveals softer, woody notes of sandalwood and cedarwood, while the cinnamon bark turns from fiery to warming.

Emma Freeman

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