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Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes sesame, jojoba, sweet almond and wild rose oils.



Responsible icon ResponsibleCentella and Hydraflore have been wholly committed to Fair Trade suppliers for over 20 years. They have supported sustainable development by offering better prices and trading conditions to farmers, producers and workers in developing countries. By partnering with Fair for Life, they can also ensure the quality and traceability of all stages of the manufacturing process. 


Their products are EcoCert and Cosmebio certified. By choosing organic raw ingredients of biological origin, they can guarantee products that are free from pesticides and chemical residues from synthetic fertilisers. The company also exclude ingredients derived from petrochemicals such as mineral oils and paraffins. 


Additionally, their packaging comprises recyclable glass bottles and eco-designed PEFC paper (sustainable forest) to further care for our environment.


What our experts say…

I liked the soft floral scent and beautiful texture of this product as a hair mask or scalp massage oil. The organic ingredients with a focus on sensitive skin suitability was also a tick for me. 

Christina Butcher

This has the most incredible scent and my 5 year old daughter is absolutely in love with it. With her long, corkscrew curls, she’s the one in our household who needs the most intensive hair treatments and her love for this means that she requests them herself, which is a wonderful reversal! Absorbing so well, after 30 minutes I barely have anything to wash out! It leaves her hair shiny, soft and healthy with defined curls. Such a lovely product!

Emily Fletcher

I love that you can either use a little or a lot of this hair oil – either apply a little to the hair after washing or as a hair mask before washing. It has a delicious, sweet, candy-like scent (surely non-toxic doesn’t smell this good?) and can also be applied to the skin.

Emma Freeman

I love the delicate scent of this oil and the fact it can also be used on your face or body. Easily dispensed without any wastage because of the orifice reducer, this is a great way to treat your hair.

Fiona Morouco

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