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Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes active red French clay, marine collagen, Manuka honey, almond meal and rose petal powder.


Responsible icon ResponsibleRinascentia employs sustainable manufacturing practices and the use of ethical, accredited ingredients that are not tested on animals and do not contain plastic beads. Their ingredients are Australian and local made organic, free of pesticides where possible. They utilise fair trade Baraka shea Butter, which has a direct impact on the women, families, and communities in northern Ghana. 


Rinascentia use glass jars and bottles for packaging, and encourage their beauty salons and customers to return any used containers for refilling. Compostable mailers are also used in the delivery process. 


The company proudly supports the Starlight Children’s foundation, Australian Marine Conservation Society and Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

What our experts say…

Is there anything this mask doesn’t do? My skin was cleansed, exfoliated and felt so smooth after use. Upon waking the next day I could tell where it had worked to remove impurities from my skin. My skin was glowing and polished. I love that ground almonds form the gentle exfoliator to remove dead and dry skin to reveal a glowing complexion. The ingredients for this mask provide such amazing benefits — I can see this being a staple in my skincare routine!

Marisa Robinson

This mask has a lovely subtle scent. The product gently exfoliates and calms skin.  Australian made with an emphasis on natural/organic ingredients for sensitive skin. I also like the fact they use plastic-free jars making them a better choice for our planet and pesticide-free as much as possible.  I liked the glass bottle- perfect for travelling. 

Shahrzad Kahrobai

I love the beautiful ingredients used in this face mask. No plastic beads, no animal testing and ethically sourced ingredients are all things I believe all brands should also commit to.

Bonnie G

I sometimes find with clay masks that they absorb and dry too much. This mask hits a beautiful balance. Detoxifying clay combined with other powerful ingredients to draw moisture to the skin, soothe and exfoliate. It also smells incredibly delicious — a mix of coconut, honey, almond and rose. Yum!

Emily Fletcher

I love the cute little glass bottle and how easy it is to pour a little into my palm to mix up a paste. This mud is warming, slightly exfoliating and very gentle on the skin. Can be used as a cleanser, gentle exfoliator and mask. It has a very warming, edible scent and my skin feels soft and cleansed after use. Ideal for use while travelling, and I just love that you add water yourself — it removes the need for preservatives and extends the use-by date.

Emma Freeman

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