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Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes therapeutic grade organic rose otto and probiotic Lactobacillus sea kelp bioferment.


Responsible icon ResponsibleRinascentia employ sustainable manufacturing practices and the use of ethical, accredited ingredients that are not tested on animals and do not contain plastic beads. Their ingredients are Australian and local made organic, free of pesticides where possible. They utilise fair trade Baraka shea Butter, which has a direct impact on the women, families, and communities in northern Ghana. 


Rinascentia use glass jars and bottles for packaging, and encourage their beauty salons and customers to return any used containers for refilling. Compostable mailers are also used in the delivery process. 


The company proudly supports the Starlight Children’s foundation, Australian Marine Conservation Society and Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

What our experts say…

As someone with extremely dehydrated and dry skin, this serum is an absolute godsend. Formulated originally for an air stewardess to keep her skin hydrated during long-haul flights, this serum is extremely hydrating, yet it absorbs quickly and can easily be applied underneath makeup and other skincare products. I love that you can layer it according to your climate: for a windy dry day, add more, for a humid day, apply less. I’ve reserved a space in my bathroom cabinet forever for this one.

Emma Freeman

The gilded packaging was really appealing. The light and runny consistency left skin cool and hydrated. I also like that they are a company who actively support women’s issues, are eco-aware and contribute to various charities.

Sigourney Cantelo

This is a high performing face serum. I loved how the serum felt so soft and silky on my skin and the high quality ingredients. I also like the fact they use plastic-free jars (better for our planet) and are as pesticide-free as possible.

Shahrzad Kahrobai

This serum is all about hydration and whilst I may not be a jetsetter anymore, winter air conditioning definitely left my skin really dry this year. I noticed a difference in my skin after one application – my skin was plumper and my fine lines around my eyes were softer. Fast forward two weeks and I was actually getting compliments about how fresh faced and good my skin was!

Emily Fletcher


This product has a nice formula and nice scent. I commend its commitment to no plastic beads, no animal testing and ethically sourced ingredients.

Bonnie G

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