Rinascentia – Hydrating Rose Sea Mineral Mist Spray




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes rose flower distillate, extract and essential oil, as well as hyaluronic acid and marine glycoproteins.


Responsible icon ResponsibleRinascentia employs sustainable manufacturing practices and the use of ethical, accredited ingredients that are not tested on animals and do not contain plastic beads. Their ingredients are Australian and local made organic, free of pesticides where possible. They utilise fair trade Baraka shea Butter, which has a direct impact on the women, families, and communities in northern Ghana. 


Rinascentia use glass jars and bottles for packaging, and encourage their beauty salons and customers to return any used containers for refilling. Compostable mailers are also used in the delivery process. 


The company proudly supports the Starlight Children’s foundation, Australian Marine Conservation Society and Australian Cancer Research Foundation.


What our experts say…


An incredible combination of hyaluronic acid and aloe for intense hydration and the highest quality of rose oil, which not only smells incredible but is also a great anti-inflammatory. I have been known to close my eyes and mist this on myself to temporarily transport myself away, it smells so good.

Emily Fletcher

The bottle is divine and the scent does exactly as the label says, “transports your mind and senses to mysterious places.” The floral scent is like freshly-cut roses. My skin feels hydrated upon use and absorbs it well so I can apply moisturiser and makeup straight away.

Emma Freeman

This mist is hydrating and has a beautiful and delicate rose scent, which is uplifting and refreshing. I love that the brand opt for glass packaging instead of plastic with the ability to get refills – that is a really smart and sustainable option which I admire.

Marisa Robinson

I liked the rose scent in this product, as well as the brand’s commitment to no plastic beads, no animal testing and ethically sourced ingredients.


Bonnie G

Firstly I love that this comes with a pump! So convenient to use. I also love that it contains a bunch of beautiful ingredients and you can easily understand what is in the product when looking at the ingredients list. I also really love that the brand are thinking about how they can reduce their impact across all parts of their business. Offering refill stations, recycling of their packaging, sourcing raw ingredients locally where possible and reusing office packaging and eco mailers is great to see.


Ash Quinn

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