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Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients.



Responsible icon ResponsibleResparkle powder-to-clean innovation was born with the idea to make personal care more sustainable with less. They drastically reduce unnecessary waste by keeping just the essential ingredients, packaging their home & personal care range in reusable glass bottles and their refills in home compostable, plastic-free sachets made from corn. 


Resparkle outsources their production to social enterprise Brunswick Industries, who provides meaningful employment to people with disabilities within a supported environment. 


What our experts say…

This is a wonderful concept. Keep the bottle, refill with a sachet and add water. Love the bottle – looks lovely, works well and the silicone sleeve works great in the bathroom especially around kids.

Corrine Sultana

I think this is an effective product. I love the fact that the bottle is glass coated with a silicone sleeve which gives it a sleek feel. The soap itself is very sudsy and the end result is squeaky cleanness that you don’t get with more oil-based rather than a water-based product.

Ria Andrini

I love that the reusable glass hand wash bottle performs in form and function – it is really beautiful design that looks great on my vanity and dispenses the perfect amount of hand wash. I also appreciate the unique blend of Lavender, Mandarin and Clary Sage rather than your typical generic handwash scent. But what impressed me most was that the refills come in plant-based packaging which are composable to eliminate waste. The powder dissolved to create a liquid foam that thoroughly washed my hands and left them smelling fresh.

 Marisa Robinson

I can’t work out which I love more – how much plastic I save from landfill, emissions I save from lightweight postage or the fact that I can have bottles worth of hand wash ready to use in my kitchen cupboard and it doesn’t take up any space at all! A genius idea which is also perfectly executed with a gorgeous looking pump bottle to keep refilling.

Emily Fletcher

Finally – a zero waste pump hand wash! My two small boys much prefer using hand pumps over hand soaps to wash their hands, which bothers me because I prefer hand soaps (lasts longer and zero waste!). This wonderful invention is so simple: a refillable glass bottle with a silicone outer for protection (great for clumsy little hands) and a biodegradable sachet of non-toxic hand wash soap. Cost-effective and zero waste. This could be a total game-changer for restaurants, cafes, galleries etc!

Emma Freeman

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