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Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. Medical grade silicone and food grade stainless steel (18/8).


Responsible icon ResponsiblePura is focused on the safety of kids and the health of the planet. The company strives to free people from an ever-increasing plasticised world, keep petroleum-based plastics out of kids’ mouths and create repurposable solutions that are infinitely superior to single-use or recyclable offerings. 


Using a bottle that can continually be repurposed is not only cost effective but keeps waste out of landfills. Pura has made it their mission to make it simple because every parent wants safe, easy-to-use, eco-progressive products that won’t break the bank. Items are packed in cardboard for the Infant range sizes and no packaging is used for the kid’s sports bottles.

What our experts say…

This drink bottle is easy to clean, 100% plastic-free, has a carry handle and interchangeable lid. The packaging was minimal and can be reused/recycled. Simple, clean design is a winner for me.

Samantha Gilmore

What I liked most about the Pure Stainless bottle was the interchangeable lids (teat, small/medium opening and wide opening), allowing it to grow with the user or drinking preference. My daughter was instantly attracted to the bright pink, silicone cover. It came in handy during a hospital stay, having access to cold water despite a lack of a fridge.

Shannon Renee Rafaelli 

The bottle being made of stainless steel is very clever – it is a hardworking material that will last and last and can then be recycled or repurposed. It is a clever innovation to have interchangeable lids that allow the bottle to be used throughout the growing and changing evolution of a child’s early life

Alena Turley

With a carry loop and easy to open and close lid, my children (2 & 5yrs) love this bottle and have been using them for years; changing the lids as they grow. This sports lid is my favourite as it is the easiest one I’ve come across to clean and I love that I know for sure there is no mould lurking. Pura really values consumer health and transparency they submit all products annually for extensive testing for toxins.

Emily Fletcher

This is my favourite pick for my toddler – the perfect size for him to hold and he loves the bendy silicone spout. Easy to clean. Love the silicone sleeve too, and the fact that you can change the cap/ spout to suit your needs.

Emma Freeman

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