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Safe icon SafeMade from safe, sustainable materials. Does contain a water-based acrylic adhesive – not recommended to be placed onto the skin. Sustainable, responsibly sourced, recyclable.


Responsible icon ResponsibleShocked by the amount of packaging coming out of China when they started their brand in 2019, Postix Sticker Club made it their goal to work on ways to improve their impact on the environment, and began to produce beautiful stickers that can be recycled. Their eco-friendly stickers are digitally printed onto responsibly-sourced paper and are 100% PVC free and 100% recyclable. 

What our experts say…

My kids LOVE stickers and these ones were a hit! The packaging was minimal, but bright and colourful which caught the eyes of the kids. We cut the envelope into shapes and made gift cards with the recycled envelope and stickers – a great way to reuse the packaging. I love the designs and I think we will get these again for the kids.

Samantha Gilmore

My kids (2 and 5) love these wonderfully creative build-your-own-icecream stickers so much that creating a dream ice cream in their scrapbook is the best bribe I have at the moment. They are so much fun with fruit stickers and topping stickers and even little choc chips to add in. I love that they are PVC free and from sustainably managed woodlands. I’m definitely going to buy these for presents!

Emily Fletcher

I’ve been feeling guilty about excessive sticker use in our household and I think these stickers might be the answer! These stickers are digitally printed onto responsibly sourced paper and are 100% PVC free and 100% recyclable. Which means we can stick them onto paper and recycle them when we’re done. My 4 yo is already excited about taking them to the recycling bin!

Emma Freeman

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