Pickld – Crunchy Coconut Gourmet Blend




Safe icon SafeMade from excellent ingredients including organic coconut, fermented & roasted lentils, chia seeds, mustard seeds and curry powder.



Responsible icon ResponsiblePickld was born from 9+ generations of plant-based food enthusiasts. Their mission is to help people reduce their dependence on meat as the key source of protein in their diets and look to include a variety of vegetables and other plant-based foods in their meals.


Pickld instant spice mixes contain all the necessary ingredients, including fermented lentils, and are specifically designed to enhance the flavour of vegetables and other plant foods. Pickld aim to influence people to eat more plant foods and thereby reduce the carbon footprint generated by eating farmed animal protein.

What our experts say…

I loved the taste and texture of this product – the spice perfectly balanced by the sweet coconut. Really easy to add to savoury meals to add a boost of flavour and a hit of fermented goodness! I found it really easy to add to a variety of meals, so I loved how versatile it is.

Jade Woodd

Delicious and crunchy salad and veggie topper. Love the sweet flavours and the punch it adds to dishes. Perfect on rice.

Larissa Tedesco

Another delicious flavour combination and I love the addition of fermented lentils. It is an ingredient I have never seen before and am always encouraging of anything that promotes gut health. I really love the brand’s commitment to encouraging the consumption of more plant-based foods, and making them more delicious!

Phoebe Conway

Seriously tasty. This divine spice mix which is slightly sweet and crunchy from the coconut and also with a bit of heat and loads of flavour makes even simple steamed veggies delicious. I love that it has no salt and sugar.

Emily Fletcher

This is a sweet yet salty superfood seasoning that I’ve loved adding to veggies like corn, beans and cauliflower. Love the winning combo of organic coconut, fermented lentils, chia seeds and turmeric. Transforms soft, bland food into crunchy, delicious meals.

Emma Freeman

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