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Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% FDA and LFGB certified food-grade silicone.


Responsible icon ResponsiblePeekabee choose silicone because of its durability, sustainability and inert nature. The indestructible nature of their products means that they last for a very long time (unlike their plastic equivalents). They promote a ‘slow-tableware’ ethos, not dissimilar to ‘slow-fashion’: use for not just one child, but all siblings, and then pass the product down. Peekabee products are packaged in biodegradable packaging materials and in addition to this, all Peekabee suppliers use biodegradable dunnage and mailing materials.

What our experts say…

What I love most is there are no nasties! I don’t worry about heating or freezing that there will be nasties leaching into my kids’ food. I love that the bowls are easily cleaned and are dishwasher friendly. The suction is amazing! My goodness, not one of us could pull it off the bench without using the designated tab. I also love that they use biodegradable packaging.

Samantha Gilmore

These silicone bowls have strong suction and are a great size for toddlers. The silicone is easy to wash and was useful when teaching our toddler to make her own cereal — no more accidentally dropping the bowl on the floor!

Shannon Renee Rafaelli 

The Peekabee bowl has a great feel in the hand, it’s a perfect size, with high sides and effective suction onto the surface. Excellent ethical procedures followed in production — I’m a big fan of buying once and then sharing through siblings and handing down to others. I also like the use of silicone for all the properties listed. We really don’t need to continue using plastic in our kitchen for any reason, great to see this laid out so well.

Alena Turley

The ultimate snack-sized bowls for my 2 and 5-year-olds who love them. It is so nice knowing that I can put them on the table and they won’t budge. Well made, super cute and have found their way into everyday circulation at our house.

Emily Fletcher

I’ve been using these as snacks bowls as food frequently gets knocked off the table during snack time and they’re great! I love the grippy tabs either side for pulling the bowl off the table. The kids love eating their cereal together in these and fight over who gets the green bowl.

Emma Freeman

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