Nina’s Bees – Face and Body Floral Oil “Bees’ Paradise”




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes organic camellia oil, cold pressed pomegranate seed oil, ylang ylang and jasmine essential oils.


Responsible icon ResponsibleNina is the beekeeper in the Blue Mountains behind the Nina’s Bees skincare range. She’s extremely passionate about bees and follows national organic guidelines for beekeeping, as well as being actively involved in the rescue of and education around bees. 


Nina works closely with Native Oils of Australia to source single origin, Australian-grown native essential oils and natural ingredients for her products, and to create zero waste in the process. She chooses 100% recyclable packaging for all Nina’s Bees products, including cardboard boxes, aluminium tins and paper. 

What our experts say…

LOVED the note on the back about the recycled box, recycled paper and recycled fillers. I also absolutely LOVED the handwritten note, it was such a beautiful touch… It felt like Nina really cared about the person receiving the product. Out of all the oils I tried, the scent of this oil was my favourite by far and the dried flowers inside the bottle were gorgeous. I have been a user of face oil for a few years already but never a body oil. I love the way it gave my body a healthy glow and knocked away the dryness, especially on my feet! I found it lightweight, fast absorbing and very hydrating.

Petria Leggo-Field

This oil has a lovely, silky feel, it soaks in well and the rose smell lingers for most of the day, which I love. I also really like the simple dropper (which means you can control the amount you use well) and the dried roses in the bottle. Everything that Nina’s Bees does to create their zero waste policy is incredibly impressive, from recycling materials to reducing by-products in their production line. It makes me, the consumer, feel good about using this product.

 Lucy E Cousins

Every oil in this very special product comes from a flowering plant that bees love. The result is a potent, deliciously floral body oil which could also be used as a natural perfume. Absolutely divine.

Emily Fletcher

I’m impressed with the body bar cardboard tube packaging! I admire the level of mindfulness that has gone into the product and packaging, and the fact that 5% of sales go to conservation initiatives and everything is 100% recycled and compostable.

 Rosie Rees

I absolutely adore that each of the plant-based oils in this product come from “a flowering plant that bees adore” (it has after all been created in a boutique apiary in the Blue Mountains). As such, this oil smells like a spring day in a beautiful garden abuzz with foraging bees. I found it best to apply when still wet out of the shower: a little goes a long way and my skin feels super soft and hydrated after use.

Emma Freeman

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