Mitten – Classic Mild Face or Body Exfoliator




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic materials. 100% Silk Viscose (Floss-Viscose) threads, derived from tree bark cellulose fibres.


Responsible icon ResponsibleAll Mitten products are natural, cruelty-free and sustainable. They only use 100% Natural Silk-Viscose threads made from wood pulp, and do not use any silkworms, irritants or artificial dyes.


The product is reusable and can last up to 250 uses, and packaging and tissue paper are all 100% recyclable.  


Mitten are an Australian owned and operated business, who independently manufacture their products and do not use white labelling methods. They have perfected their weave to minimise water usage and mass manufacturing.

What our experts say…

A real innovation (albeit one inspired by an age-old tradition) and a pleasure to use, this is one of those products that you wonder how you ever did without. Gentle enough to use on either face and body is quite the unique concept and one that made incorporating it into a regimen really easy.

Amy Starr

This mitten is very easy to use, clean and store – it makes exfoliation easy to fit into your beauty routine. I like the fact that care has been taken to make these mitts natural, with recyclable packaging and the fact that they last 250 washes is great to minimise their impact on the environment.

 Lucy E Cousins

When I first touched this, I was taken by how fine and beautifully made it was though it didn’t feel rough enough to properly exfoliate. After a few minutes in the shower to soften my skin and then when I started to use it, I was amazed at how much dead skin came off! I love that you simply wash it off, dry it and then can use it again for up to 250 uses!

Emily Fletcher

I love the concept of this product – it’s something I have never heard of. When I used it, my skin felt so soft and smooth. Fabulous eco packaging, vegan ethos and water sustainability.

 Rosie Rees

I love that this is the same mitten as used in Turkish baths (of which I have fond memories of during my trip to Turkey many moons ago!) The mitten itself is of an exceptionally high quality and I really enjoyed the process of scrubbing both my body and face with it. It was incredibly satisfying to see some dead skin shedding from my body! I love the science behind it – as someone who suffers from hyperpigmentation I look forward to seeing if the mitten helps this fade on my face over time.

Emma Freeman

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