Melis Natural Perfumery – Motus No 7




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Essential oils in an organic jojoba oil base.


Responsible icon ResponsibleAt Melis Natural Perfumery all essential oils, absolutes, resins and attars are sourced from a reputable supplier where traceability and sourcing from sustainable farms is priority. They source Indian Sandalwood from a local supplier in Western Australia called Santanol, organic Bulgarian rose oil from a certified Bulgarian producer called Alteya organics in Bulgaria, and organic jojoba oil base is sustainably sourced from Australia via Naked Press. 


Melis Natural Perfumery are cruelty free, do not test on animals and do not use animal derived ingredients. Their packaging is designed and printed locally in Western Australia using recycled packaging and wherever possible, plant based ink. All glass is recyclable and sourced from responsible manufacturers in Italy. 


The company are currently working with Precious Plastics Margaret River Recycling Program to collect and recycle all plastics associated with their business and are introducing collection points and re-filling purchase options for MELIS perfumes. 

What our experts say…

I love the roll-on concept of this product, which creates a localised opportunity for the scent. I also love that it is made with ‘intent’ and reminds me to create intentions for the day. Conscious intent and community importance resonates with my set values. 

Mikey Ayoubi

The scent of this is super long wearing! It doesn’t last an hour and rub off on your clothing and dissipate into nothing – it stays all day long. I love that Melis work hard to ensure their products are ethically sourced and are superior-grade. This is super important because us as Australians need to support local businesses more than ever and it’s great to see that they source all of their packaging and ingredients from other local businesses.

Jacob Stella 

An ultra-premium release displayed in an equally presentable bottle, I found the Motus No.7 to be the first of the products reviewed to truly capture the upmarket socially-conscious consumer. I really enjoyed the application process and the woody notes of this release, in particular, the subtle use of sandalwood. 

Nick Hall

My husband is a big fan of this one and I love it on him, too. I think it’s very masculine with musk and woody notes. He’s so relieved to have found a Natural Cologne that gets a big thumbs up from both of us!

Emily Fletcher

Rejoice: both my husband and I love this scent! He’s a big fan of “the sweet aroma”, and says “this scent suits me:”. He also loves the roll-on glass bottle; “it means you don’t waste anything”.

Emma Freeman

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