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Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Essential oils including jasmine and orange blossom in an organic jojoba oil base.



Responsible icon ResponsibleAt Melis Natural Perfumery all essential oils, absolutes, resins and attars are sourced from a reputable supplier where traceability and sourcing from sustainable farms is priority. They source Indian Sandalwood from a local supplier in Western Australia called Santanol, organic Bulgarian rose oil from a certified Bulgarian producer called Alteya organics in Bulgaria, and organic jojoba oil base is sustainably sourced from Australia via Naked Press. 


Melis Natural Perfumery are cruelty free, do not test on animals and do not use animal derived ingredients. Their packaging is designed and printed locally in Western Australia using recycled packaging and wherever possible, plant based ink. All glass is recyclable and sourced from responsible manufacturers in Italy. 


The company are currently working with Precious Plastics Margaret River Recycling Program to collect and recycle all plastics associated with their business and are introducing collection points and re-filling purchase options for MELIS perfumes.



What our experts say…

This perfume is beautifully packaged and housed in a wonderful roll-on, which is super easy to use. It has a sweet, floral smell just perfect for hot summer days. Melis have clearly given a great deal of thought to the sustainability of their product, from the packaging to the ingredients, as well as the post-use recycling. 

Lucy E Cousins

The packaging is gorgeous and I love the rich shade of the juice. It gives the whole thing a real impression of luxury. Longevity on the skin and sillage were high on this one, especially considering its a roll-on. I got regular wafts of it as I moved, long after the first application.

Amy Starr


This is a beautiful, deep and complex perfume that lasts really well on the skin. It was a pleasure to wear, especially knowing it’s been made with intention and beautiful, natural ingredients I love how transparent this brand is – It really shows how committed they are to sourcing locally where possible, making sure everything is ethical and that they really do consider ethics and sustainability at the heart of their brand.

Ash Quinn

This is a really beautiful perfume and brings me straight to Spring with the hypnotic floral scent of fresh Jasmine. It’s extremely feminine and I really enjoy wearing it. I also love the roller ball applicator.

Emily Fletcher

An utterly feminine and romantic scent that blooms after application, unveiling layers of divine floral scents, such as jasmine and orange blossom. I love that it is applied using a roller instead of a spray.

Emma Freeman

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