MAGICMUK – Multi-purpose Skin, Nail and Hair Balm




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients. Includes organic shea, argan, hemp seed, evening primrose and chamomile oils.

Responsible icon ResponsibleMAGICMUK use only organic and ethically sourced ingredients and buy in bulk from their suppliers in order to reduce their carbon footprint. They use 100% recyclable glass jars and aluminium bottles to package products and post orders in 100% recyclable materials, including the tape used to seal the cardboard boxes. 


MAGICMUK’s retail display boxes are handmade from plywood and cardboard, when we are finished with these they can either be recycled or repurposed. All advertising is done electronically.


What our experts say…

I love the scent and the consistency of this balm. 


 Bonnie G

I like that the formula is rich, nourishing and that it hydrated my skin. It is a super versatile balm and I like that it is safe for the whole family and tackles a range of skin concerns. Every touch point from the brand’s production to packaging has been carefully considered to have minimal impact on our planet, which I really appreciate.

Marisa Robinson

This incredible balm is so gentle and yet so powerful in its action with exceptional all organic ingredients, each chosen for potency of action in moisturising and healing. I’ve used it on my children for dry skin and eczema and also on my own lips and even my face as a primer! There’s now no eczema patches left in our house but the wonder of this multi-purpose balm is that it never runs out of uses. It really does feel like a little pot of magic. Highly recommended.

Emily Fletcher

The magical little jar contains a highly-concentrated salve made up of lovely organic oils, beeswax and essential oils. I’ve applied it everywhere over the past week: lips, hands, hair, face and on a small cut on my foot. Extremely nourishing and a wonderful option for sensitive skin or dermal issues.

Emma Freeman

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