Loving Earth – winner of the Social Responsibility Award (Food)


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Staying true to the brand’s mantra of ‘Healthy Sustainable Fair’, Loving Earth supports and sources from indigenous communities around the world. They buy their cacao from the Kemito Ene cooperative in the Peruvian Amazon at above fair trade prices for the entire harvest, helping to support the Asháninka community and increase its cacao harvest from 10 tonnes in 2015 to 95 tonnes in 2019. This cacao is regeneratively grown in a way that protects the forest.


Loving Earth also supports the Twin Lakes Cultural Park in the Kimberly through the sale of native Australian, wild-harvested teas and superfoods.

In order to be sustainable, Loving Earth ensures that all ingredients are produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides and herbicides, and cultivated in such a way as to help restore native ecosystems, prevent erosion and support water conservation. The company uses traditional permaculture systems, which where possible, are shade-grown using native canopy species.

The company uses a mix of recycled, compostable or reusable packaging for its products and packing materials.

What our experts say…

We have selected Loving Earth as the recipient of this year’s Award in the Food + Drink category not just because they create beautiful products that are safe, ethical and sustainable, but because of their outstanding efforts to give back to society and create change. Loving Earth is a leader in their field and they deserve to be recognised and celebrated!

—  Emma Freeman & Emily Fletcher


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