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Safe icon Safe – Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Compressed plant starch consisting of corn, potato and cassava. Nylon bristles.


Responsible icon ResponsibleThe Keli eco-friendly and biodegradable hairbrush is great for the environment. Its main purpose is to reduce the use of plastic: with millions of plastic hairbrushes being made every year, it’s a small step to help reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment. When the Keli hairbrush is discarded, it will degrade in landfill or compost.

What our experts say…

I like the size of the brush, not too big which encouraged my daughter to brush her hair. The colours are cute, the bristles are soft and flexible and it works so well on wet and dry hair. Gentle on the scalp. I love that it is eco friendly and will break down in compost within 1 year (brush only) bristles are recyclable.

Samantha Gilmore

Keli Collective hair brushes are incredibly gentle on the hair. Whilst my daughter is relatively bald, it is soft enough on her scalp and also mine after washing my hair. The colours are muted and gentle, fitting in with the parents’ style preferences. They are also quite light and easy for toddlers and children to use themselves.

Shannon Renee Rafaelli 

It works! I have been looking for a very long time for a detangler that isn’t made of conventional plastic and also works and this one is actually amazing. Exactly as it says on the box it’s a biodegradable gentle hair detangler and that is something very rare and valuable. Bonus – it’s really light making it easy to use.

Alena Turley

The most amazing hairbrush I’ve ever used for myself (bleached, thin, easily tangled hair) or my daughter (thick, long corkscrew curls). Both normally a nightmare to brush and combined with howls from my daughter- even with the most popular tangle brushes- this cleverly designed hairbrush doesn’t pull and effectively detangles. With extra bendy bristles and a brush head that is mostly divided in two and can easily bend when you hit a knot to give the brush flexibility so it doesn’t pull. I will use this brush forevermore. Love love love it.

Emily Fletcher

Where has this brush been all my life?! My 4-year-old boy has a super-long tangly mop of hair that is becoming more and more impossible to brush because it hurts. This brush not only detangles his hair, but it doesn’t hurt a bit (or break the hair!) Best of all, the brush is biodegradable.

Emma Freeman

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