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Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes certified organic jojoba, rosehip and coconut oils. Biodegradable bamboo fibre wipes.


Responsible icon ResponsibleTo ensure the quality and responsibility of their products, JAK Organics have spent years hand-picking ingredients and materials to make sure that they are ethically-sourced. They use 100% sustainable, fully compostable and biodegradable ingredients.


JAK Organics source oils from Australian organic certified suppliers, use compostable mailers, support local communities in need, such as; the Australian Bushfire Appeal, breast-feeding and new mum clubs and associations, school communities, and homeless community awareness groups.


What our experts say…

Love how these wipes quickly and easily remove makeup without drying out sensitive skin, leaving skin clean and makeup free. Great use of sustainable and biodegradable fabric for wipes.

Cathy Topolgin

Face wipes are usually very drying for the skin, so it is great to discover a soft, natural and yet effective set of facial wipes. JAK Organics are highly involved in a variety of local initiatives such as the Bushfire Appeal and focus on recyclability, sustainability, and being densely organic.

Neha Hobson

Infused with moisturising organic oils, my skin feels not only cleansed of makeup after using these but fresh and hydrated. As much as the zero-waste side of me doesn’t like to admit it, it does help to save time taking off makeup with a wipe. Luckily, these are home compostable! Yay!

Emily Fletcher

As much as I’d prefer not to use throw-away wipes or cloths on my face, I am quite happy to use these fantastic biodegradable wipes during those moments when I’m too exhausted for a beauty routine and need to remove mascara and eye makeup before bed. These wipes smell divine and do a fantastic job of removing makeup from eyes, lips and face with just a couple of sweeps.

Emma Freeman

I think it’s great to see that this small business is so involved with the community and is continually looking for ways to improve.

Ash Quinn

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