Ibu Ayurveda – Full Bloom Tri-doshic Radiance Mist




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes certified organic rose water,  marshmallow, liquorice and white tea.


Responsible icon ResponsibleIbu Ayurveda are passionate about protecting our planet and avoiding more plastic ending up in landfill and oceans. Their packaging is biodegradable and made of post-consumer recycled, and recyclable, materials wherever possible. This includes bamboo, glass and recycled/sustainable cardboard. 


Ibu Ayurveda products are vegan friendly, cruelty-free, 100% natural, and contain certified organic ingredients wherever possible. The products are formulated by naturopaths and hand-crafted locally in small batches by skilled professionals using sustainably sourced therapeutic-grade herbs and herbal extracts, nutrient dense plant oils, essential oils, floral hydrosols, and biogenic flower and gem essences.


What our experts say…

This toner is the one for me: I absolutely love the main ingredients of rosewater (a must for any toner), marshmallow root and liquorice. The fine mist mechanism is excellent and I feel refreshed and hydrated after use: no need to pat the toner in to ensure even distribution. Such a divine glass bottle with a wooden joiner and it smells good enough to eat. I love that this product was created using Ayurvedic principles to balance all of the three skin constitutions or “doshas”: turns out it is perfectly suited to my skin issues (dehydration & pigmentation).

Emma Freeman

The scent is uplifting and the mist instantly refreshes my skin. I also love how they have thoughtfully selected each ingredient to target different skin concerns. They are not only making incredible products but they have the planet in mind for every touch point. I love a conscious company who wants to do the right thing sustainably without compromising on style and function.

Marisa Robinson

I love the sweet, citrus scent of this cleansing oil and how soft my skin feels after using it. It effectively removes makeup and sunscreen from the day. I also think it’s great that the brand have a strong focus on supporting other small businesses when choosing their suppliers, which also includes ensuring those suppliers have the proper working conditions and pay for their staff.

Ash Quinn

I love the scent and the fine mist of this one. I also love that it smells unique with interesting ingredients, and that these products are all hand made in small batches and use ingredients that are readily available.


Bonnie G


A beautiful mist to draw you back to your feminine goddess energy. With non-overpowering, specifically chosen essences, I like this as a toner or any time of the day I need restoration and balance.

Emily Fletcher

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