Happy Breast Balm – Breast Care Kit




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Therapeutic grade essential oils in an organic hemp seed oil base.


Responsible icon ResponsibleHappy Breast Balm’s mission is to create a paradigm shift away from fear and taboos around breasts, empowering women to really love, heal and care for themselves. 


All ingredients used in Happy Breast Balm products are sourced as locally and as organic as possible. No chemical additives, preservatives or emulsifiers are used. Paper bubble wrap and cardboard are used for packaging.

What our experts say…

Love the mantra to repeat to myself when massaging my breasts – self care in two parts: massage and words. I don’t believe that women are in touch with themselves as much as they should be. My mum and my grandma both had breast cancer and the mantra was such a beautiful sentiment. I loved the scent of the oil and could definitely smell the essential oils, with my skin feeling beautiful and soft afterwards. I highly recommend it for any women – young or old. We all need more self love and self care. 

Petria Leggo-Field

I love the idea behind this product and the fact it comes with a dry brush and instructions on how to use it. The oil does leave your hydrated and soft. The fact that this oil is organic and 100% natural is great, and the educational factor of the package as a whole is really important.

 Lucy E Cousins

I truly think this is one of the best gifts we could give to ourselves or others as women. This beautiful liquid balm is designed to be used over the breasts after skin brushing in order to stimulate the lymphatic system, improve blood flow and for us to become acquainted with our breasts. Taking time to get in touch with my body, do a health check on my breasts and read the lovely mantra made this a very powerful experience. This also smells spectacular – I’m a huge fan of lemongrass and citrus.

Emily Fletcher

Loved the packaging and mission of this brand – changing the paradigm around breasts. The balm was absolutely beautiful to use on my breasts.

 Rosie Rees

Oh, wow, everything about this product is so mindfully thought out. Special instructions as well as a beautiful “massage mantra” (which is now pinned up in my bathroom) are provided to help guide you through this wonderful, loving ritual. A special flat brush is provided for brushing down and increasing blood circulation across the body, prior to applying and massaging the oil into the breasts. Such a wonderful ritual for reconnecting with and caring for the body, and most importantly, the breasts.

Emma Freeman

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