Good Change – winner of the Social Responsiblity Award (Home)


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Good Change believes in giving back. For every pack of Eco Cloths they sell, a month’s worth of clean drinking water is donated to a family in Cambodia. 


Good Change is actively involved in local beach clean-ups through their partnership with Sustainable Coastlines,  a registered New Zealand charity with a mission to enable people to look after local coastlines and waterways. The clean-ups enlist children from local schools to help collect rubbish. The aim is to raise awareness and to educate: the rubbish is laid out for children to analyse. They are asked to spot the difference between soft and hard plastics as well as recyclable and non-recyclable items. They are also encouraged to spot microplastics or nurdles (pre-production resin pellets).

The company runs school fundraisers or “Eco Fundraisers” with a focus on educating children on planet health. Teachers are encouraged to start conversations around sustainability, and where possible, Good Change visits classrooms and speaks at school assemblies to suggest simple ways of habit-changing to become more environmental/ sustainable. 


Good Change’s range of home cleaning products are made using raw materials from sustainable forests. Each product is 100% compostable and no single use plastic is used by the company.

What our experts say…

We have selected Good Change as the recipient of this year’s Award in the Home category not just because they create beautiful products that are safe, ethical and sustainable, but because of their outstanding efforts to give back to society and create change. Good Change is a leader in their field and they deserve to be recognised and celebrated!

—  Emma Freeman & Emily Fletcher


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