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Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% unbleached, unseeded cotton.



Responsible icon ResponsibleSwag Australia is all about giving back. From giving customers back those extra days or weeks fresh produce can last, to acting consciously and thoughtfully and making a difference to the place we live, and the earth as a whole. 


Swag’s products are handmade with love out of India and proudly built to last years. Their female-owned and managed manufacturer is ethical and fair trade compliant using SEDEX International monitoring. The company donated 100% of its profits in the past financial year to Destiny Rescue, freeing children trapped in human trafficking.

What our experts say…

100% plastic-free. Great size options, breathable for my veggies – keeps them fresh for longer thereby reducing food waste! Love their durability and how they can just be washed in the washing machine.

Laura Trotta

I love that this product is completely plastic-free and compostable but made to last… so many years away from being composted! The large Swag is a great size for storing vegetables. Being machine washable is a definite plus! The accompanying information booklet is really helpful with a good guide for caring for the Swag, as well as,  how to use it with different types of fruits and vegetables.

Lindsay Miles

I stopped doing a big market shop last year as it was too hard to get through everything before it went off. Now, with The Swag, my veggies stay crisp and fresh right up until we use them. I was a bit nervous about setting things upright and doing it wrong but it is the easiest thing ever and it works a treat even if I bundle a mix of veggies all in together! This is an incredible product from an incredible company – last year they gave 100% of their profits to Destiny Rescue – stopping children being enslaved in the sex trade. Definitely a business we should all support!

Emily Fletcher

This is such a brilliant invention. Since introducing it to my fridge drawer, the lifespan of my veg has increased quite dramatically. Carrots, lettuce, capsicum and cucumber are fresher and crunchier. I love both the quality of the fabric and the design. 

Emma Freeman

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