Loving Earth – Rainbow Superfood Powder




Safe icon SafeMade from 100% certified organic ingredients. Includes organic raw maqui, raw acai, gubinge, spirulina and wheatgrass.



Responsible icon ResponsibleStaying true to the brand’s mantra of ‘Healthy Sustainable Fair’, Loving Earth supports and sources from indigenous communities around the world. They buy their cacao from the Kemito Ene cooperative in the Peruvian Amazon at above fair trade prices for the entire harvest, helping to support the Asháninka community and increase its cacao harvest from 10 tonnes in 2015 to 95 tonnes in 2019. This cacao is regeneratively grown in a way that protects the forest.


Loving Earth also supports the Twin Lakes Cultural Park in the Kimberly through the sale of native Australian, wild-harvested teas and superfoods. 

What our experts say…

The packaging has always grabbed my attention – it just says ‘take me home’. The unique mix of ingredients including native gubinge, the gorgeous reusable, plastic-free glass jar and the paper labelling are all things that would make me buy this product. I loved the flavour and was pleasantly surprised at the colour when I mixed it into water – it was vibrant, perfectly sweet and so easy to drink.

Jade Woodd

This product offers a great-tasting and nutrient-dense superfood booster, which can be added to several meals and smoothies. I honestly love their glass packaging as I can reuse it afterwards or recycle it.

Larissa Tedesco

My children (2 and 5) love how this superfood powder turns from greenish to a wonderful rich purple and happily eat it sprinkled on natural yogurt. High in vitamin C, chlorophyll and antioxidants, it is great for smoothies (once again, I don’t even have to sneak it in, it gets asked for!) I love that it doesn’t have that full-on Spirulina taste and like drinking it straight in water myself.

Emily Fletcher

This really does contain a rainbow of superfoods: maqui, acai, camu camu, spirulina, wheatgrass and more. The flavour is sweet and isn’t dominated by the vegetal flavours of spirulina or wheatgrass. So easy to add to a smoothie or juice with an added flavour boost – and the kids love it. Love the reusable/recyclable glass jar and tin lid.

Emma Freeman

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