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Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Biodegradable bamboo wipes.


Responsible icon ResponsibleTo ensure the quality and responsibility of their products, JAK Organics have spent years hand-picking ingredients and materials to make sure that they are ethically-sourced. They use 100% sustainable, fully compostable and biodegradable ingredients.


JAK Organics source oils from Australian organic certified suppliers, use compostable mailers, support local communities in need, such as; the Australian Bushfire Appeal, breast-feeding and new mum clubs and associations, school communities, and homeless community awareness groups.

What our experts say…

All-purpose, unscented, and gentle, the Aqua wipes have few ingredients, which I like for my young baby’s sensitive skin, and are biodegradable, which I like for the environment. The fact that they are compostable, and don’t use palm oil or GM ingredients, is also appealing.

— Sarah Berry

These wipes have been one of my favourites from this year’s collection. I love the fact that they are simply PH balanced purified water with a hint of chamomile and bacteria-resistant, making me feel confident that I can use them anywhere on my baby’s skin (even on his hands). The biodegradable, slightly textured wipes feel soft and gentle yet strong enough to not tear when being used.

— Teodora Tinc

These are the ultimate water wipe. I love that I can use it for nappy changes, hands and faces. I also love that these have gone through extensive lab testing for safety as there are many baby wipes cropping up – especially of the water wipe type, without adequate preservation which basically isn’t safe. I love the clip top, large pack and biodegradable wipes too! Highly recommended.

Emily Fletcher

Two big wins for me here: these wipes are made up of 99.9% water AND are biodegradable. The wipe itself is strong and hardy and only one is needed for nappy changes and face cleans. A great wipe for newborns and infants.

— Emma Freeman

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