Good Change – Eco Cloth (Large)




Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. Cellulose from wood fibre, cotton and environmentally friendly pigment.



Responsible icon ResponsibleGood Change believes in giving back. For every pack of eco cloths they sell, a month’s worth of clean drinking water is donated to a family in Cambodia, as coordinated by B1G1. 


They are also actively involved in local beach clean-ups in an effort to protect our ocean wildlife. Good Change partners with like-minded organisations who have a similar ethos and believe that joining forces will help to create bigger change.

What our experts say…

You can use this cloth on anything, it lasts really long and looks lovely in the home. It’s compostable, reusable with no plastic! All things that are important for home cleaning cloths and things I would look out for in a cloth.

Kate Hall

I love that this cloth is free from microplastics, certified compostable and designed to last for 6 – 9 months before being composted. When wetted they feel very spongy and are very absorbent. I liked the simple designs, minimalist and plastic-free packaging.

Lindsay Miles

The ultimate kitchen cloth— soft and easy to clean with, dries fast and can also be used to mop up spills being the equivalent in absorption of 15 paper towels! I love how each cloth has a different pattern so I can use one for the kitchen/ one for dusting and they don’t get mixed up. I’ve never washed a cloth in the dishwasher before – it’s absolute genius. No more smelly cloths in this house!

Emily Fletcher

Where has this cloth been all my life? As someone with a dust mite allergy, I spend a lot of time wiping down surfaces to rid my home of my greatest foe. This thick, robust, giant cloth means I can wipe a surface down multiple times before returning to the laundry to rinse the cloth off under the tap. I see this cloth lasting a LONG while, and when I discard it, I can rest assured that it will completely biodegrade.

Emma Freeman

This is a great sized, absorbent eco cloth that’s compostable at the end of life! Fantastic product, thoughtful packaging. The impact extends past the purchase.

Laura Trotta

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