Fibre For Good – Organic Natural Colour Cotton



Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% organic natural colour cotton. No dyes, bleaches or chemicals added. Undergoing GOTS certification and OEKO-Tex 100 certified.


Responsible icon ResponsibleAn ethical vertical supply chain is at the core of Fibre For Good’s business. Their farmers have been custodians of their land for centuries, and unlike conventional cotton, the farmers own their own cotton seeds.


Regenerative farming techniques are practised: crop rotation, biodiversity in the soils and reliance on natural rainfall, mountain run-off and aquifers. No chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides are used. Returned seeds are used for the following season or made into cooking oil as a by-product and 90% less water is used to produce the same garment.


Fibre for Good complete the life cycle of their garments by incentivising customers to return the used item for a discount on their next purchase. 

What our experts say…

This was my favourite discovery in the baby apparel range. These products are all so soft to touch and feel so close to nature. I love the beautiful subtle colours and designs. I also love that this company is so passionate about regenerative farming practices and saving water.

Amanda Callen

Oh my word, the fabric was so soft. Absolutely lovely colours, which really surprised me considering they are completely natural colours without dyes. The brand’s dedication to low impact sustainable manufacturing and production is evident throughout their business practises. The packaging was fantastic and all of the information provided with the products showed that as a business Fibre For Good truly wish to educate consumers.

Samantha Christian

This product was a perfect fit and I really liked its softness. I am so glad I have been introduced to Fibre For Good, as it may just be my favourite baby clothing brand to date. The price points are very reasonable for the quality of the product and they make a good range of everyday essentials.

Melissa Mai

These exquisite clothes are made from the softest cotton I’ve ever felt, you’d almost think there was silk in there! With no dyes at all and the product of regenerative farming practices, these are as pure as it gets. I just really wish these came in larger kids and adult sizes too!

Emily Fletcher

I am such a fan of this range. Firstly, the fabric across the entire range is so incredibly soft: possibly the softest organic cotton I’ve ever touched. All fabrics have been sourced directly from thirtieth generation farmers and no dyes are used: the colour you see is the original colour of the cotton (there are three beautiful colours in the range… why don’t more brands do this?) The vertical supply chain is 100% ethical and sustainable and the brand has a “cradle to cradle” policy. Best of all, bub loves wearing these beautiful clothes and he looks great in them.

Emma Freeman

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