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Safe icon SafeMade from excellent non-toxic materials. High strength kraft paper, PVA glue.



Responsible icon ResponsibleEnviro Hanger is a family-run business striving to ensure the environment is protected for future generations. Their core mission is to eliminate waste (85% of hangers currently find their way into landfill or the ocean) by replacing plastic hangers in retail stores with 100% recyclable paper-based hangers. 


Enviro Hangers are compostable and 100% non-toxic, produced from clean, recycled craft card and are made without the use of heavy metals and chemicals. The hangers are created with a circular life span in mind: soon the company will offer clients the opportunity to turn their recycled hangers into paper bags, cartons or satchels, to be used again within the same store. 


The hangers are ethically manufactured in a single factory in China, which also operates as a social enterprise, training and employing unskilled labour to pack the hangers. They can be flat-packed to maximise efficiency in shipping and ground transport also. 

What our experts say…

Love that the Enviro Hanger is recyclable and is made from recycled materials. It is strong and durable and able to be recycled at the end of its life. I think this product has the potential to turn waste from the retail clothing industry on its head — for good!

Laura Trotta

Fantastic eco idea. These hangers are strong, well structured and the same size as the regular plastic ones.  Easy to use, compact and a brilliant step for the environment. This would be great for home use and a welcome retail option.

Corrine Sultana

This is such an amazing product and I’m so surprised that this is the first time I’ve come across a product like this. Being made of recycled paper this hanger is such an easy way to reduce plastic use and 100% recyclable! The hanger is strong and holds jackets easily. It also has a little indent on each side to hold the ribbon holders you find in clothes.

Fiona Morouco

I love that these are an equally good alternative to plastic hangers in retail shops except they are made from recycled paper plus 100% recyclable. I’d be so impressed with a shop if they had these and would feel like their brand resonated with me more. They have a huge variety of hangers too, to meet all needs. I absolutely love that this company is aiming to create a circular lifespan with the cardboard from used hangers and turn them into paper bags for the same shop!

Emily Fletcher

Having worked in fashion retail for years, I would often cringe at the number of plastic hangers passing through my fingertips each day. This cardboard hanger is a fantastic, sturdy and totally viable solution to all that plastic filling landfill each year. I love that it’s not only recyclable but made of recycled paper. Clothes hang and present beautifully on it.

Emma Freeman

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