Freya’s Nourishment – Rose Hand Scrub




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients. Includes Certified Organic apricot kernel oil, pomegranate oil, rosemary and rose petals.


Responsible icon ResponsibleFreya’s Nourishment is an Australian owned and operated small batch business. Their products are 100% natural, plant based formulations hand made in Melbourne. Packaging for all their oils is in amber glass, which is recyclable, and customers are encouraged to reuse the bottles. Products for postage are wrapped in corrugated cardboard, tied with natural twine, and where at all possible, Hero mailers are used.


Freya’s Nourishment source all of their ingredients from Australian businesses and strive to support small, local businesses wherever they can. They also donate to Gumtree Greys, OCRF’s White Shirt Campaign for Mother’s Day and to Movember for Father’s Day.



What our experts say…

This product is designed with mindfulness at the centre: to stop, and enjoy the ritual of taking care of your hands. Not only does it look gorgeous but feels great on the hands too, retaining the beautiful oils to nourish and protect. A true spa treatment at home.

Corrine Sultana

I absolutely love the smell of this scrub! It feels soft and gentle on my skin and I could definitely feel and see an improvement in how my hands felt after using it across a few days. I also really like that the product is handmade, it makes me feel content that what I am putting on my skin was made with love and care.

 Stephanie Kurlow

This is such a unique and extremely sensory and luxurious product. The smell of the roses and the rubbing of the beautiful petals into my hands combined with the exfoliation of such a highly sensitive area is a self care process, which makes my mind and senses present in this special experience. When rinsed, my hands are incredibly smooth with a nourishing layer of oils to rub in and I immediately can’t wait to do it all over again another day.

Emily Fletcher

This has become a fast favourite and I have never tried anything like it! The scent is absolutely beautiful and the scrub is effective but not harsh, removing dead skin cells while the oils moisturise and nourish. My hands and feet have never looked and felt better! I also really appreciated the safety seal as I knew it was fresh and not tampered with.

 Marisa Robinson

Oh my! What a delight this product is. A true act of self care, this beautiful and pure hand scrub both exfoliates and moisturises hands at the same time. The scrub feels incredible between the fingers, while the oil sinks in and nourishes tired, dry hands at the end of the day. The scent is delightful and you can roll and crush the rose buds into your hands to release their precious oils into your skin. This is what everyone needs to be doing in the age of COVID – sending some love to our hardworking hands.

Emma Freeman

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