Frank + Bare – AHA Deodorant – Magnolia + Black Pepper




Safe icon SafeFormulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. 



Responsible icon ResponsibleAll ingredients used in Frank + Bare products are 100% natural, plant-based, sustainably sourced, non-toxic and cruelty-free.


Kraft paper push-up tubes which are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable are used as product packaging, whilst shipping packaging consists of home compostable mailers and Greenwrap. Frank + Bare also use carbon neutral delivery services and all printing is done with Soya Ink, which contributes to improved air quality by releasing less hazardous air pollutants during the printing process. 

What our experts say…

Of all of the deodorants I was trialling, this is the one I revisited the most. The biodegradable packaging is simple, but the formula is smart. The combination of AHAs mean it’s not just stopping odours, it’s treating the skin too. It makes skin smooth and soothed and is effective all day. So impressive.

Amy Starr 

An enticing scent of jasmine, magnolia and ylang ylang contrasting with black pepper. This is a great unisex fragrance and a bit addictive. I love how effective this is and I can really rely on it lasting the whole day.

Emily Fletcher

The smell of this product is very nice and not overpowering, it’s easy to apply because of the tube and it even leaves the skin feeling soft. I found that it took away my sweat smell pretty effectively. I am also so impressed with how the brand have thought of every angle to make this product sustainable, recyclable and even biodegradable.

 Lucy E Cousins

I love the science behind this deodorant – fruit acids are used to create an alkaline environment so that odour-causing bacteria cannot survive. The stick glides on like silk and the scent is truly unique – I wasn’t sure about the black pepper at first, but combined with the essential oils it’s lovely, sweet and and a little bit fiery. This deodorant stops odour for up to 12 hours and leaves very little residue on clothing. And I love the biodegradable tube!

Emma Freeman

I love that this deodorant comes in a stick form, the packaging is super cute and the Magnolia and Black Pepper scent is divine! I also really like the oval shape of the stick because it makes it easy to apply. Frank + Bare tick all the boxes when it comes to values; 100% natural ingredients, recyclable, biodegradable & compostable packaging (even using Soya ink for printing), and $1 donated from each product to the consumer’s choice of environmental or humanitarian causes. 

Ash Quinn

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