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Safe icon SafeMade from excellent 100% Organic, Transparently Traded (Better than Fair Trade!) Ethiopian and Colombian coffee.



Responsible icon ResponsibleFirst Press Coffee is committed to sustainable and ethical coffee sourcing. Working closely with their coffee roasters – Rumble Coffee – they source only transparently traded coffee (whereby a fair price is paid to the farmer, well above market and fair trade price, to ensure they can invest in their land and their people). 


Where possible, First Press Coffee also sources organic coffee to help ensure a more sustainable future for the land. For their Brazillian coffee, they utilise partners who are Rainforest Alliance and UTZ Certified.

The company’s Iced Coffee range is produced in recyclable cardboard cartons. And in their warehouse, all soft plastics are recycled in the closed loop system.

What our experts say…

I liked that this product is 100% organic and ready to consume as is. Such a delicious coffee, and as someone who doesn’t drink much coffee I really enjoyed it straight up. Great to read about the brand’s complete traceability of fair pay. Since we know coffee has a notorious reputation for underpaying workers this is so important, and the adherence to fair pay really stands out.

Jade Woodd

I love the practicality of having a bottle of fresh espresso shots at home. Perfect for an Espresso Martini and other recipes!

Larissa Tedesco

I liked the glass packaging of this product and the fact it’s a perfect portable size! I was able to pack one in my lunch bag for a day at university and it was the perfect mid-morning pick me up. I also love that there is nothing added, it is just high quality coffee without any sweeteners or other additives.

Phoebe Conway

Wow! This is an incredible, very aromatic coffee with a complex toffee-ish flavour. I really like this one with added milk.

Emily Fletcher

This cold-drip coffee has a strong and smooth flavour with tasting notes of red berries and chocolate. Delicious over ice. I truly appreciate that First Press has partnered with Rumble Coffee, who source directly and transparently from farmers in Ethiopia and Colombia.

Emma Freeman

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